Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

Watch as a mouse leaps from the bushes to knock another and snail to the ground.

Billy Sutherland, 27, from Gravesend, Kent filmed the incredible action in his back garden last month.

An unsuspecting mouse along and a snail were sent flying of a rock covered in seeds as laid out by Billy when another mouse pounced in a dramatic rugby tackle.

Billy said: “I’m really into my wildlife we’ve been feeding them for years I thought I’d try out my new phone camera because it’s got a better quality camera.

“I set it up and managed to capture that footage. I was a bit shocked because everytime I see them they always eat together.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all as I thought they were all family but clearly not. The other day I saw about six or seven of them including little baby ones but we think a cat has caught one since.”