Animals Video

By Katy Gill 

A cat who was stuck under a coach and was taken along on a 700-mile trip was rescued after the driver thought that the cat’s cries for help were a problem with his brakes.

The cat had made his way under the coach and had found a seat in the wheel axle of the vehicle, travelling from Torquay and bounded for Birmingham.

It wasn’t until the driver noticed, halfway through his journey, that there was a squeaking noise coming from under the coach and pulled over at coach park to ring a mechanic, suspecting a problem with his breaks.

After getting underneath the vehicle to take a closer look the mechanic was understandably shocked when he was faced with a very soggy and dirty cat and asked the driver, ‘Is this your cat?’

Lucy Withington, an employee for Windermere Lake Cruises, was close to the coach park at the time and was left speechless when a colleagued told her that they had found a cat under one of the coaches.

She said: “I got told by one of my colleagues, very calmly, ‘oh we’ve found this kitten under the coach, don’t have a box we could put it in do you?

“My first reaction was, ‘is the kitten okay? is it still alive, what’s going on?!”

“We went running outside to the coach, I put my head under and I was staring eye-to-eye with this crying kitten trying to find a way out.

“A few of the other went to go find a box to put the poor kitten in, but all that mattered to us was to just get this little guy out as you can see in the video.”

The driver and the mechanic were laughing in shock but glad to see their little hitch hiker was okay.

Lucy said: “It’s funny because we put him in a box so he was sheltered and not going to be scared off and on the box was written, ‘Lucky Cat’.

“We have a gift shop and we sell Chinese lucky cat statues, we hadn’t realised we had picked up one of these boxes what was written ojn the front but what a coincidence.

“After that, we gave him the nickname ‘Lucky’.”