Video Viral

By David Aspinall

These two feisty siblings hilariously fought over who got to sleep in their secret kitchen cupboard hideaway.

While mum Maureen Snook watches on at home in Enfield, Connecticut, USA, her daughter Taylor crawls over to a suspiciously open cabinet door.

Making the gap wider, suddenly two-year-old son Jack comes into view and he is irate at having his peace disturbed and he slams the door closed while shouting ‘mine’.

The cheeky couple’s game carries on for at least another ten times with Jack continually thwarting his one-year-old sister’s attempts to access his den.

Maureen said: “I thought it was hysterical.

“Jack likes to annoy his sister sometimes so it was funny to watch her do it back to him.

“This was a manic Monday for me with the kids so this was the little piece of entertainment that I needed.

“This is the only cabinet that doesn’t have a child lock on it so it kind of turned into the ‘kids’ cupboard.

“They are consistently getting into everything and playing together.

“Taylor is a daredevil and likes to climb on everything and being a year older, Jack likes to pave the way for her.

“This is almost a daily occurrence for them now.”