Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A little girl stopped at a drain in Canada insisting her mum let her go down and see the ‘guys’.

In true ‘IT’ style, Sahtaysha can be seen crouching down and talking into the drains, claiming that she’s speaking to the ‘guys’ down there.

Watching her two-year-old daughter, Joy Zylstra asks her whether she’s talking to IT?

Pic from Caters News

Sahtaysha replies ‘yeah’ to which her mum, who has a phobia of clowns, swiftly encourages her daughter to leave the drain.

Joy Zylstra, from Alberta, Canada said: “We were taking the dog for a walk when she stopped, bent down and started talking to the drains.

“She said ‘Hi guys!’ down to the sewer and it immediately reminded me of Pennywise and the Stephen King move ‘IT’.

Pic from Caters News

“She kept on asking me if she could go down there and see them, but she wasn’t allowed to.

“Once she had got up I had a look down the drain and no one was in there, not even workers, just rubbish and water.

“We then left the sewer, but on the way to my husband’s Grandma’s house she stopped again at the next drain.

“I’m a big Stephen King fan, but that was too creepy for me!”