By Mikey Jones

These stunning cityscape photos look like they were taken on Coruscant – the capital of the Star Wars Galaxy.

Keow Wee Long / CATERS NEWS

Taken from atop the KL118 tower, the images give a stunning view of the lights and traffic of Kuala Lumpur stretching out below.

The famous Petronas Twin Towers, until 2004 the tallest buildings in the world, stretch up to a foreboding grey sky in the foreground.

The pictures were taken by 28-year-old photographer and ‘roof topper’ Keow Wee Long, who managed to make his way to the top on Malaysia’s 60th independence day.

Keow said: “We took these pictures on the 60th anniversary of Malaysian independence.

Keow Wee Long/ CATERS NEWS

“This building is a landmark and is the tallest construction building in Malaysia now.

“Because it is just directly next to the Petronas Twin Towers it looks special. They used to be the tallest towers in the world.

“The view from up there is amazing, and no one will be able to capture this view again because the crane is set to be removed at the end of the month.

“Looking at the pictures and reminding myself of it gives me goose bumps. It makes me think of a futuristic city in Star Wars.

“I have never seen Kuala Lumpur from this perspective before and it is incredible. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

“We are roof toppers, a society that is connected to roof toppers all around the world.

“Roof toppers are photographers who base photos on cityscapes. Because we know not every photographer can take photos like this, we are here to fill up the missing gap in this niche field.”