Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

A Pakistani barber uses 15 scissors to give a snazzy haircut to his clients that also include top national cricketers.

Sadiq Ali, 33, owns a tiny salon on Zahoor Din road in Lahore which is always full of customers patiently waiting for their turn to get the unusual treatment to their hair.


The father of three sons, Ali dexterously holds 15 sharp scissors in one hand and uses them all masterfully to give his clients a signature ‘spicy’ haircut.

He takes flat 20 minutes for the haircut and charges only £1.5 for his services.

“They love the spicy haircut that I have invented. It is different from the usual cut because 15 scissors are used to trim the hair and once it is done, the hair comes out really neat and stylish,” says Sadiq.

A barber for last 15 years, Sadiq was inspired by Chinese hairdresser Zedong Wang who had created a world record for using ten scissors for a haircut in 2007.

He said: “I saw his act on internet was spellbound by his talent.

“He was unbelievable. I as inspired by the him that I decided to outdo him.”

After years of practice, in 2011 Sadiq succeeded to give a haircut to one of his clients using 11 scissors.

“It took me at least five years to hone up my skills.

“Holding eleven scissors in one hand was not an easy thing. They were heavy and it was difficult to make them work all at one time.


“Slowly, however, I got used to holding them and using them successfully for haircuts,” said Sadiq.

While he had not applied for Guinness World Records then, his unusual feat was covered by several local channels that instantly made him famous.

With fame, his client base grew manifold and even popular cricketers like Umar Akmal,  Sohail Tanvir, coach Mickey Arthur and Inzimam-ul-Haq became his regular customers.

A humble Ali said: “Every day I get swarmed by customers but I restrict the number for the services to only 20 as I want to do my job perfectly.

“People find my style very unique and queue up outside the salon.

“Even cricketers come to me for a haircut regularly. Those players who live in other cities visit me for a haircut when they are playing matches here or go for an international tour.

“It feels good that everyone appreciates my hard work.”


Ali now wishes to create a Guinness World Record for using 16 scissors for a haircut.

He says: “I want to challenge myself and I am working on how can I use 16 scissors at a time to cut hair.

“Once I excel in it I will apply for a world record.”