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By Ben Walley

This is the heart warming moment two brothers see ‘real’ colours for the first time.

Logan, 12, and Lincoln, nine, were both speechless after being given a pair of Enchroma colour-blindness correction glasses and their doting mum, Samantha Booth, 45, was able to catch the special moment on camera.

The boys, who live in St Osyth, East Anglia, were referred to an optometrist when they were younger and it was confirmed that they saw colours differently.

Logan and Lincoln’s eyesight’s are identical, they are both ‘strong protan type’ and their colour-blindness is effected by red and green.

After trying the glasses for themselves, the boys are noticeably both in shock and struggle to believe what has been in front of them this whole time.

PIC FROM Caters News

Delighted to see her boys enjoying the world in full technicolour, Samantha said: “Watching them was very emotional and, true to form, I cried.

“It was amazing to see their reactions to certain colours, especially purple, which they had never seen before, true red, yellow and most of all, for Logan, orange.

“My favourite moments were the very first moments “Oh, My Gosh!” also it was emotional when Lincoln said “This is a bit too much” and took them off for a few moments.

“We first discovered Enchroma at the beginning of this year and saw just how much the technology had advanced.

“We sat down with the boys and talked about it at great length, making sure they understood that they wouldn’t be able to wear them all the time, they were, in effect sunglasses, so they would only be for outdoor wear.

“We also talked about their feelings and our concerns, they had watched a lot of videos of people trying them and made the decision themselves that they wanted to give it a go.

“Our biggest fear was that they would become upset that they are missing out on all these colours, but they have said it actually gives them an advantage, as they have seen how we mere mortals see, but we can never experience their world.

“We also found it very funny how their minds work when they said “Who’s to say we’re not seeing the real world and you’re seeing it wrong”.

“Logan says orange is still his favourite colour, but only with ‘his eyes’, with the glasses, he likes red and purple.

“Lincoln still likes blue, with or without the glasses, as this is one colour that looks quite similar to what we see, but his second favourite with glasses on is purple.

“Sadly Grandad was colour-blind, and unfortunately the gene was passed down through me.

“What we’re really waiting for is a rainbow, that will be interesting.”