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By Luke Kenton

This couple’s enchanting Cinderella waltz came with a fairytale ending, thanks to an incredible proposal surprise.

Performing in front of a capacity crowd in an annual showcase at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Rob Crawford has a very special surprise twist in store for his girlfriend, Lacie Whitten – and it’s not just a spiral turn.


Bowing to one another before joining hand-in-hand, Rob and Lacie sway, step and lilt their way seamlessly across the dancefloor to ‘If This is Love’ from Cinderella, a fitting soundtrack for the fairytale about to unfold.

Met with intermittent applause from an enchanted audience, the loved-up couple of two years’ routine is going perfectly, until Rob takes an unexpected step out of place.

Turning to see Rob crouched on the floor, Lacie is left momentarily perplexed, until noticing the diamond ring he’s brandishing, a gesture met by a rapturous applause from those in attendance.

Delighted at his wife-to-be’s acceptance, 42-year-old Rob, said: “Lacie and I have been talking a lot about getting married recently, and I wanted it to be a really special surprise for her.

“So, when the opportunity arose to participate in the dance showcase, I thought this would be my moment to make a truly memorable proposal.

PICS BY Tillman Bunch Photography/Caters News

“I wanted to give her a surprise proposal that was as beautiful and special as she is, and what better way than to do it than on stage, doing what we love best?

“We can’t wait to recreate the routine for our first dance at our wedding in October.”

Lacie added: “I was completely shocked; I had an idea that he was thinking of proposing soon, but never did I expect it to be in that moment.

“I remember thinking on the last turn that I wasn’t sure where he was, I panicked a little, but tried to think what the next step was.

“My mind was absolutely racing, it took me a number of moments to realise he was actually proposing.

“I was shaking and crying so much, Rob had to double-check they were happy tears.

“It was amazing for all our friends and teachers to share this moment with us, not to mention Rob’s daughter who ran on stage to congratulate us.

“Rob always calls me his princess and this really was my fairytale moment.”