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By Charles Creasey

A hotel night manager has revealed footage of the eerie moment a suspected ‘WOLF’ is heard howling in the dead of night – in SCOTLAND.

Paul Naylor was doing his usual shift at the Crown Inn in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides last Thursday when he heard the harrowing howl around 2am.

The dad of four was doing his usual security patrol around the hotel building when he heard what ‘could have been a wolf’ baying in the distance.

The 55-year-old quickly got out his phone to record the creature crying in the blackness and posted it on social media in an attempt to find out what it was.

This video sparked debate online as social media users argued about what the sound was – some agreeing it was wolf-like, others claiming it was a dog, a whale song, lost orcas or seals and even a ‘werewolf’.

Expert Jan Morse, of the RZSS Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland, said that she and her colleagues did not believe it to be a wolf but admitted there was a slim chance it was a wolfdog hybrid as there is a breeder in the Outer Hebrides.

Paul said: “The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“It could have definitely been a wolf. It felt eerie – like I was in a horror film.

“I heard the sound coming from the harbour and I had just never heard anything like that before. So I got out my phone to record it –I just wanted to record the sound really.

“I couldn’t leave the hotel unattended so I stood at the entrance to the hotel and recorded everything.

“I was just going outside to check on the entrance and look around the hotel. I usually look around the hotel to make sure no one is hanging around.

“Everything is usually quiet but I often go out and have a quick look anyway – never during my time have I seen anything untoward but there’s always no harm in looking.

“Then I just heard that noise in the distance, in the harbour, and that harbour is pretty close. I just heard a howling noise at first.

“I stood still because it was pitch black. I got out my phone to record it to see if it would come back – it did.

“At one point I thought it was a whale. We do have killer whales around here off the coast and my first thought was that it was a whale lost in the harbour somewhere.

“I thought it might have been a whale stranded, like it was in distress. I think there was a fishing boat out at sea and I’m sure they could hear it aswell.”

Perplexed Paul posted the video on social media after he got home from his nightshift – it went viral as people began to speculate on the source of the noise.

Paul said: “A lot of people who have seen the video on social media are saying that it could have been a seal but I thought it was too loud to have been a seal.

“I’m sure it wasn’t a dog.

“It could have been a wolf – never say never.

“Although I have never known wolves to be on the island. A lot of people on social media were saying it sounded like a wolf.

“My wife Sharon [Naylor – 47] said it was really eerie and really scary when I showed her the video. She had no idea what it was either.

“Going by the comments, a lot of people would have run a mile but I just stood there and recorded. I’m quite amazed at the reaction and the response really.”

A pack of European grey wolves live at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland.

Expert Jan from the park said: “Four of us have listened to this and our informed opinion is that it is not a wolf – it is too monotone and wolves don’t really go ‘hoooowwwwlll’.  To us, it sounds like a human trying to sound like a wolf.

“There is the extremely vague possibility that it is a wolfdog hybrid as we think there may be a breeder in the Outer Hebrides, but doubtful.”

On social media, locals to Stornoway and holidaymakers debated about what the howling could be.

Marlene van Zyl wrote: “Definitely a werewolf.”

Fiona Morton disagreed: “I’m not an expert, but I do know that sound can travel very long distances in water and whales sing songs at pitches specifically intended to be heard a long way away by other whales.”

James Merron said: “It’s seals, heard them doing exactly the same at Canna when we were moored up there.”

Anita Peebles wrote: “It’s surprising how far sound can carry sometimes especially when it’s quiet so maybe whales.”

Meanwhile Wendy Fisher and Lesley Penman speculated that it could be lost orcas.

Others said they would have been too scared by the wailing to stand and film it.

John Walker said: “If I was a tourist, I would be freaking out, checking out and getting out of there. It’s haunted. Scary stuff!”

Kirsten Morton added: “Omg that sounds scary. I love Stornoway but I would be running if I heard that in the middle of the night.”

Vincent agreed: “And you just stayed here and recorded? I would have run home, s***ting my pants and screaming in terror.”