By Kristiana Hall

A casual country stroll got a whole lot funnier when a cow stuck out its tongue for a photo.

Lee Maisfield, 39, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire was in stitches when he starting snapping a comical Highland cow last month.

Skoda Sales Executive Lee could not resist pausing to photograph an animated cow last month while walking with his sister over Baslow Edge in Derbyshire.

Lee said: “I asked my sister if she fancied a walk so I could take some scenic shots up there.

Lee Maisfield / Caters News

“I wasn’t really happy with the results I was getting as it was a very overcast day.

“As we walked further towards the Eagle Stone we could see the Highland Cows.

“As we approached I expected them to move away but they were not fazed by our presence. I got a couple of good shots I was happy with until one cow started to get a irritating itch with one of his horns.

“I got on the ground quite close as I snapped away giggling to myself at the expressions on the cow’s face.