Life Video

By Bethany Gleave

A grandad of three has revealed terrifying dashcam footage of the moment his wife ‘cheated death’ in a motorway pile-up due to severe fog to show how close he came to losing the love of his life.

Leticia Heys was on her way to work on the M65 westbound on Friday at 7.30am when she was caught in a eight car pile-up at Junction 7 near Accrington, Lancs.

Dashcam footage shows the moment cars suddenly appear out of the thick fog directly in the 46-year-old’s path, as she comes skidding to a halt.

Despite stopping her Audi TT in time, other cars are less fortunate than Leticia and plough into the crashed vehicles – as the grandmother manages to move on to the hard shoulder unscathed.

Hubby Chris, 47, says his wife would have been dead if she had not moved her car, as a huge lorry comes hurtling to a stop where she had previously been sat.


Chris shared the video with a heartfelt tribute informing his wife how much he loved her and asking others to never ‘take their loves ones for granted’.

Chris said: “Leticia has been driving for 20 years, she knows how to handle a car.

“On the motorway she was doing around 68mph but dropped down to 28 in the fog so she was being cautious.

“I’ve always told her to try and move her car out of the way and I’m so glad I did.

“She called me and told me and my heart just sank.

“It’s the last thing you want to hear from a loved one that they had been in an 8 car pile up.

“She was hysterical and really scared, even though thankfully there was no damage to herself or the car.

“You can hear her say ‘oh my god’ in the video.

“She’s so lucky. I tried to keep her calm on the phone but it’s hard when you’re so worried about what had happened.

“When she was let go by the police she went and sat in a car park and I went to meet her.

“I’m still quite shocked about it and I keep getting emotional about it.

“I love her to bits and I don’t know what I would’ve done if she had been hurt.


“You see these crashes every day on the news and on your way home from work but you never expect it to happen to someone you love.

“She’s still quite nervous about driving.

“I took her out the next day and she kept telling me to go slower and be careful, she never normally does that.

“She also asked if we could go on the a roads and not the motorway.

“She has gone to work today and done the same route and she was fine.

“She rang me as soon as she got there.

“I just hope this shows how easily accidents happen and that I’m the fog drivers need to be more careful.

“I’m so glad Leticia knew what to do in the situation.”

Chris’ Facebook post was shared more than 1,500 times and received more than 1,000 likes.

His post reads: “Today i feel very fortunate that but for the grace of god this morning i almost lost the most precious jewel in my crown, my wife Leticia Heys (most of you know her) as near as cheated death this morning, she was in the middle of the m65 motorway pile up at jn7 early this morning which involved around 7 vehicles.

“The video below is the dashcam footage from her car that shows just how close she was to getting hit from behind with a big truck, if she hadnt moved her car onto the hard shoulder when she did the truck would undoubtedly have hit her.

“I’m sharing this because i feel so lucky to still have her and just want to say to everyone, please don’t take your loved ones for granted (we all do it), you never know when you might not get to tell them you love them again.

“And to my wife, you are the most amazing person i know, i married you all those years ago because i loved you more than anything, and this is even more so today ….I LOVE YOU.”

It is believed that a woman in her 60s suffered a suspected leg injury and another two men were also injured in the crash and were taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Four fire engines were scrambled and one of the casualties had to be cut free from their vehicle while all three lanes were closed for around two hours.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “We were called around 7.35am today (Friday, September 1) following reports of an accident on the M65.

“Eight vehicles had been involved in a collision westbound close to Junction 7.

“The air ambulance was initially called but it is believed those involved have suffered minor injuries.

“The westbound carriageway is currently closed with recovery of the vehicles on-going.

“The Highways Agency has been called to help clear oil from the carriageway.”