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By Ben Walley

A four-year-old boy is mortified by the results of his parents gender reveal – so much so that he bursts into tears.

Jimmy Elfarra, from San Marcos, was desperately hoping that his parents would give him a little baby brother.

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But when his father, Wissam, cut into the ‘boy or girl’ cake and revealed the pink icing, Jimmy was not happy.

However his seven-year-old sister, Nora, was over the moon and couldn’t stop showing off her joy to her little brother.

Mother-of-three, Jehan Abdulhalim, captured the moment her son fell apart at the news of his new baby sister.

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Jehan said: “The gender was a surprise to the dad as well, but I knew Jimmy would react the way he did.

“He was upset because he felt as though his sister had won and he had lost.

“He’s a sore loser, so we knew he’d react like this.

“But now Talya is here Jimmy is no longer unhappy.

“He loves his new baby sister very much, but at the beginning he acted out and was jealous.”