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By Kirstie Sutheran

A drunken couple have filmed the moment they mistook a plastic container for a colostomy bag and filled it with BEER.

Victoria Carter, 42, from Barwick-in-Elmet, Yorkshire, and her husband, Dave, 44, were enjoying Leeds Festival when they decided to live stream their hilarious contraption.

After buying a backpack for the event, the couple noticed it also came with a free plastic container.

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The pair instantly thought it looked like colostomy bag but instead of putting it to one side, they decided to make use of it and filled it with beer.

The hydration container is normally used to help walkers easily access water during long hikes.

But it had a very different purpose last Thursday – something that has amused all of their friends and family.

Victoria said: “Almost everyone who walks past camp was offered a suck of Fosters and it caused many laughs.

“You can’t get spiked using it so that was magical, and it can’t get tipped over or spilled either.

“We were all sipping from beer cans but Dave was happy using his colostomy type bag instead.

“We knew that it obviously wasn’t a real one but at a glance, I think strangers thought it was.

“It came free with the backpack we’d bought for the festival and a long dummy straw to drink from.

“We all thought it was so funny as Dave looked so strange slurping from it.

“This was my first festival but we’d definitely attend one again and the bag will come with us.”