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By Mollie Mansfield

Former Big Brother star Emma Greenwood has had the surprise of a lifetime after her ‘unromantic’ boyfriend planned their dream wedding in just TWO DAYS.

Ben Womack, who began planning the secret ceremony in December, proposed to Emma on August 4 ahead of  their secret wedding on August 6.

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Branded unromantic by Emma, Ben decided to get revenge by creating a secret Facebook group with all of her family and friends involved to plan the perfect day.

And his plan was so well executed he even got his bride-to-be to unexpectedly try on her wedding dress, without her suspecting a thing.

Thankfully the day went without a hitch and the newlyweds have now returned from their honeymoon.

The 40-year-old business owner from Stockport, Manchester, said: “It all started because last Christmas Emma mentioned how unromantic I was, and I realised it was true and I wanted to do something about it.

“I just thought, I love her to bits, I want to marry her, so let’s just do it.

“So I set up a closed Facebook group and added friends and family to the group who I wanted to know about the wedding.

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“I had eight months to plan this wedding and did it all without her knowing a thing.

“I managed to tell her that we were going to Scotland for my 40th birthday, which was actually the date I’d planned the wedding for.

“We always visited Scotland so I knew it was somewhere we’d want to get married, but also it was an easy place to convince her we were just going.

“On August 4, we stopped off at the Lake District on the way to Scotland “for my birthday”, and that’s where I popped the question.

“Luckily she said yes and the rest of my surprise could take place.

“As soon as I told her that we were getting married in two days she was so shocked, she thought I was joking.”

Despite planning their wedding completely behind Emma’s back, Ben made sure that she picked out her own dress, had it fitted and chose her own flowers.

Ben added: “Our friend has a wedding dress shop, so I made her bump into us and tell us that she’s planning on shutting down her shop.

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“So I convinced Emma to go in and pick one out because it’d be cheap and we’d use it one day when we got married.

“So she did, she went in, picked out the perfect dress – and I even managed to not see it myself.

“I even managed to get her to have the dress professionally fitted by the lady telling her that she was fully booked until next year.

“Another one of our friends owns a florists, and one day when Emma went in to visit her she said how much she loved a bunch of flowers that she had made for a wedding.

“So obviously I just made sure they were the ones we had for our big day!”

Amazingly the wedding went without a hitch and Emma couldn’t have been happier with how her big day was planned.

Emma, 32, added: “I had absolutely no idea what was going on, I didn’t suspect a thing.

“With the wedding dress, I just thought that was classic Ben trying to bag a bargain.

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“I was a bit confused when I was having to go to the fitting, but at the same time I just believed what the woman said about being booked up and went along with it.

“I was so relieved when I found out that Ben had arranged the whole wedding, it was so nice not having to have all of the stress that comes with planning your own day.

“I think if I’d planned everything, I’d have woke up on the morning and not even wanted to go because I’d be so nervous!

“There were a couple of people that I’d wished were there, and the meal could have been better but overall the day was absolutely perfect.

“I was so overwhelmed the whole day, I’ll never ever forget it.”

The couple then jetted off on their honeymoon to Thailand – something that Ben tricked Emma into believing was their summer holiday just four months before.