Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the jaw-dropping moment a biker miraculously survived after not only being hit by a speedy truck but dragged for almost 20ft in a busy road in India.


The shocking incident captured in the CCTV footage shows Naveen Kumar, 28, trying to cross a road when he came under a monster truck in Gohana in Sonipat in north India’s Haryana state.

Kumar a resident of Haryana’s Chhara village works in Delhi Police and was on way to Delhi when the accident took place.

Before being hit by the truck, Kumar, who was not wearing a helmet, can be seen slowing down his bike in the middle of the road and paving way for another biker coming from the opposite direction.

The unidentified truck driver didn’t stop his vehicle after hitting the biker, instead ran away from the spot.


Naveen said: “I didn’t saw the truck coming until it reached so close to me.

“It’s no less than a miracle that I escaped unhurt despite being dragged by the massive truck for almost six metres.”

In the video, passesrby can be seen running toward the rider who’s rolling around on the road and help him to move him to the side.

The motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors said he had no major injury.