Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This crafty teen well and truly pulled the wool over his parent’s eyes when he surprised them with a visit home after a year away.

After living overseas in England, Jaedon Spencer has a very special surprise in-store for his parents, as he returns to his homeland of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, without notifying them.

Opting against the conventional unannounced knock at the door, Jaedon instead has a few tricks up his sleeve and his employs his best-friend and partner in crime, Lewis, to help him.

Dressed identically in a grey jumper, brown trousers and beanie hat, the devious duo bait and switch Jaedon’s dad, Chad, by calling him into the room to check out a leak and then switching places.

As Jaedon turns around, Chad is left gob-smacked by his son’s sudden appearance and is stunned into a momentary silence, before wrapping his arms around his son and proclaiming that this is the best surprise he’s seen.

Jaedon said: “I was so nervous, because I hadn’t seen either of them for so long, I was so anxious to be back with them again.

“I just wanted it to all go to plan, because the smallest slip-up could’ve ruined all of my planning.

“Lewis had just been over to visit me in England and that’s when we came up with the idea to surprise my parents somehow.

“We knew we had to find a way to get Lewis inside the house without it looking strange, so I told them he was bringing back some of my clothes with him that I no longer needed.”

For mum, Melanie, Jaedon had something slightly more sinister in mind, hoping to ‘get a scream out of her’, by jumping out at her from the boot of Lewis’ car.

Lifting open the trunk, Melanie manages to stifle her screams at Jaedon’s unexpected ‘Hello’, as she stands a gasp at the sight of her estranged son before her.

Jaedon said: “All the planning definitely paid off, their reactions were worth it all.

“The happiness and amazement it gave them both is something I’ll never forget.

“It’s been amazing to be back with my family and friends, particularly my two younger siblings who I have missed a lot.”