Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This inventive motorist added a wooden stool to his scooter but uses the extra comfort to check his phone.

Driving through a bike lane in Shanghai, China, the modified mod is spotted by the owner of the Instagram page Shanghai Observed.

As he gets closer, it becomes apparent that the ordinary fold up scooter has been transformed by attaching a four-legged stool allowing its driver to sit down.

Abusing the comfort of the additional comfort from his leather seat, the owner holds on with just one hand as he uses his phone while driving away through the traffic.

Shanghai Observed said: “I have seen some ridiculous things in this city, but this was unique.

“It was a moment that I thought was both ingenious and stupid at the same time.

“I saw one of those fold up scooters but the driver was siting low so I took a double take.

“Even though he was going a different direction than me I had to follow him and see what he’d done.

“It seemed pretty stable as he was travelling at least 15mph.

“It kind of sums up China – adding comfort but sacrificing safety with the possibility of his stoolclipping a passing car.”