Offbeat Video

A sneaky seagull crept up on some beach footballers and stole their bag of chips in hilarious footage.

John Egan captured the moment while on a trip to Clam Harbor Beach in Nova Scotia, Canada.

John said: “My wife and I had just finished looking at the sand sculptures and sand castles at the 39th Annual Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competition.


Before leaving,  John decided to capture footage of a a tidal wave coming in.

He added: “During my second attempt at capturing the waves I noticed a seagull attempting to steal a bag of chips from the picnic supplies of some beach goers.”

“The seagull’s first attempt failed as one of the football players noticed the feathered thief and chased it away.”

But the strategising seagull was not quite ready to give up on its craving for potato chips.

He said: “I noticed the seagull setting up for his second attempt at stealing the bag of chips.


“He patiently waited for the players to run towards the other end.”

As the players moved further down field the seagull moved in for his second attempt and scored.

John added: “I was absolutely delighted and thoroughly amused at the antics of this seagull especially because I had my camera on.

“A girl can be seen running towards the seagull in a desperate attempt to reclaim the bag of chips.


“She just seemed to give up and let the seagull claim it’s prize.

“The seagull gobbled down a few chips and then immediately walked into the stream to wash the chips down with some water.”