Offbeat Video

By Kate Gill

An ill dairy farmer filmed himself clearing his nose in the funniest way imaginable.

Joker Bradley Knowles, 28, from Pungarahu Opunake New Zealand wanted to give his mates a laugh when he cleared his sinuses.

The hilarious video of dad-of-four Bradley squirting fluid up one nostril and pouring it out the other earlier this month got exactly the kind of reaction he hoped for.

“I was just feeling unwell and it’s just something that helps clear out your sinuses it’s just a rinse.

“So I was feeling unwell and it’s a tough time of year here for farmers so I thought I would do a video of my friends for a laugh.

“They loved it and then they started sharing it and boom.

“I don’t know how many people have seen it but I just hope it’s puts a smile on their face when they do see it.

“I thought this would just a little laugh for family friends.

“This unblocks my sinuses and cleans them out helps breathing through the nose

“The reaction online has been heaps of positive ones people say it’s the funniest thing they have seen.

“My friends love it think I’m funny for doing it.”