Offbeat Video


By Ellie Duncombe 

This daredevil is certainly masking her joy as she joy rides on the Underground.

The 19-year-old student from Russia, who goes by the name of Kobzarro, wanted to feel the rush of excitement when she came to the UK.

So the blonde beauty donned a mask and took to riding trains to feel the need for speed.

Footage she took of herself in action shows her leaping onto the back of a train in London and clinging on as it pulls away from the station.

Startled onlookers film her as she peers at them through the rear window of the train.

Pic from Caters News

Kobzarro claims that most people enjoy her stunts and will wave at her from the platform as trains pull into the station.

She says she has been fined several times by police but that has not been enough to put her off.

As well as riding trains, she has also taken to the skies, climbing skyscrapers and perching on the edge to admire the city stretched out below.

Kobzarro said: “The first time I surfed a train I was 15, an I quickly discovered there are quite a lot of trainsurfing fangs.

“I started to study trains more thoroughly, working out where I could stand, and then began to train, beginning with local inner city slow trains and gradually working up to high-speed ‘Sapsan’ trains.

“Some people find trainsurfing extremely romantic as railways carry that air of romance.

Pic from Caters News

“For me it is a special thing to do – I feel the force of it and a sense of freedom. It broadens my mind and very interesting thoughts occur to me when I am doing it.

“It’s also very interesting to watch people’s behaviour on the platforms when they see something they are not used to seeing. Their reactions are completely unpredictable.

“Some just freeze, others wave and applaud to show their astonishment. Of course one or two immediately try and call the police.

“I have been caught just a couple of times and given a fine. It’s not a problem and I realise the police are just doing their job.

“But I still do it when I am in the mood. I will only stop when I get older.