Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey

A dad filmed his encounter with a ‘stubborn’ pigeon who refused to budge from his car – even hitching a 10-minute ride on his bonnet as he drove home.

Carl Leonard, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, was about to head home from the hairdressers last Friday [Aug 18] when he spotted the bird ‘chilling’ on his Renault Captur.

After waiting for it to leave didn’t work, the 29-year-old telecomms engineer repeatedly beeped his horn in a bid to get rid of the troublesome bird – but with no luck.

Once they began driving, Carl’s 13-year-old son Ryan took over his smartphone and filmed the creature enjoying some of the 10-minute journey before the cocky creature finally flew away.

Carl said: “I joked as soon as we’d finished filming: The Mercedes has a badge, the Rolls- Royce has a flying lady, and my Renault has a pigeon.

“I was just coming out from getting a haircut with my son and I noticed a pigeon on the bonnet. It was just sitting there – I think it was just chilling out.

“I tried to ‘shoo’ it away but it just wasn’t moving so I got into the car. It wasn’t moving so my son who was sitting next to me started filming it.

“It was ridiculous. I was just beeping the horn and revving the engine before I set off but it just wouldn’t go away – it was quite a stubborn pigeon.

“I just thought I’d start moving the car away to see if I could get it to go, but it just wouldn’t move.

“The bird was just sitting on the bonnet for a whole ten minutes – at some points it even fell asleep and I tried to wake it up with the horn.

“Whenever I did that it just turned round to me and looked at me as if to say ‘what are you doing? I’m sitting here!’

“I must have gone half a mile down the road at about 20 or 30 miles per hour before it decided that enough was enough and flew off. I couldn’t tell you why it decided to do that at that point.

“It was all caught by my son holding my phone – he was filming while I was driving.

“I just reckon the pigeon was chilling out on my car bonnet. I thought the pigeon might have been a bit ‘iffy’ at first – at bit lame – but then I thought it was probably just a stubborn bird.

“We just found the whole thing hilarious and really funny. I was laughing away to myself in the car. My wife Danielle [Danielle Leonard, 29, support worker] thought it was hilarious too.

“I’ll admit though, I was kind of scared to be honest that it was still there after ten minutes.

“The reason I started driving was because I hoped that the bird would just eventually fly off – it was at that point that my son started filming. Then we shared it online.”

After Carl shared the post on social media, it went viral with 20,000 views and 392 shares.

Carl said: “I suppose it started going a bit viral when we shared it.

“I reckon for a lot of people it’s not every day you see a pigeon hitching a ride on the bonnet of a car.

“At one point I was going to pull over to check that the bird was okay. I was getting worried that it might not have been okay.

“I just can’t bear to see an animal hurt but at that point it just flew off.

“Some people on social media were commenting that if birds can’t be bothered flying that’s a sign that they’re about to die.

“But when it flew off it went straight up into the sky – so I thought everything was okay and other than social media, I didn’t feel the need to report the incident to anyone else.”