By Laura Dale

This flexible bird will do anything to catch it’s dinner.

The Least Bittern bird can be seen performing a gymnastic-like routine in order to catch it’s dinner.

Pic by Peter Brannon / Caters News

Balancing from plants and leaves, the bird is lunging itself into the water in a desperate attempt to eat.

And it works – as the bird can be seen leaving the water with a little fish for tea.

These photographs were taken by Peter Brannon in Lakeland, Florida.

Peter said: “The Least Bittern is a stealthy hunter.

Pic by Peter Brannon / Caters News

“It likes to perch on a plant above the water and remain perfectly still until an unsuspecting fish swims by.

“Then with lightning quickness, strikes and plucks the poor fish from the water.

“In this picture, the bird seemed to misjudge the fish and had to overcompensate to remain balanced on the plant.

“The birds have been known to wind up in the water!”