By Alex Matthews

It’s one of Britain’s longest love stories – as these great-great grandparents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

Doreen and Colin Smith, who now have a five-generation family, married all the way back in 1947.

The lovebirds met five years earlier in wartime Shrewsbury, Shropshire in a chance encounter outside a shop where Colin, 92, worked.

Pic from Caters News

However, just four weeks later Colin received a call-up to the RAF, putting their blooming relationship on hold.

But they did not forget each other, and after his RAF service finished, Colin returned home and immediately asked Doreen when they could get married.

The couple married on February 15 at the Congregational chapel in Shrewsbury.

The couple have remained by each other’s sides since, and believe the secret to their success has been not arguing about silly things.

Pic from Caters News 

Doreen, 90, said: “We just clicked and that was it. I was walking up the yard and he was coming out of the shop he worked in and we caught each others’ eyes.

“A friend said to me she knew him and she arranged a date to see him.

“We clicked but then four weeks later he was called up to the air force. He was in the RAF from 1942 to 1947.

“He came back in January 1947 and said ‘when are we getting married?'”

In the last seven decades, their family has grown and they now have four children, eight grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and even one great-great grandchild.

Doreen said: “We have always treated each other with respect and love and there has been a bit of give and take.”