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Adorable footage from Hawaii, USA, has captured the joyful moment a deaf and blind dog discovers her mom is home by just using her nose.

When Lauren Nickerson arrived home she filmed the heart-warming moment, Pearl, a one-year-old atahoula/Pit Bull mix – sniffed her out.

Lauren said: “Pearl was born blind and deaf due to a genetic condition.”


Pearl’s condition, Double Merle, is an entirely preventable condition and occurs as a result of irresponsible breeding.

Upon arriving home Lauren discovered her husband playing with Pearl in the yard.

As Lauren walked up to the gate Pearl immediately sensed she was home and ran towards her.

Lauren said: “She put her cute little nose in the air and started searching.

“When she’s trying to find us her body language shifts and she seems so proud of herself that she knows where you are.”


Lauren describes this specific aspect of Pearl’s behaviour and body language as her most endearing trait.

“It melts my heart whenever she does this.

“With smell being one of her only senses I think she compensates by having quite the sniffer!

“She also loves to give face kisses to humans and dogs alike.”

The Nickerson’s four dogs Pebble, Penny, Pete and Pearl (seen in video) are all rescued.


In addition to being incredibly adorable Pearl is also incredibly smart and has learnt multiple commands including sit, down, paw and crawl.

All of her cues are expressed through touch.

Pearl’s Instagram account, Pearl the Poi Puppy, has garnered quite the following because of her adorable nature and hilarious antics.