Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

A secretive couple surprised the entirety of their family and friends by announcing that they’re getting married ‘right here and now’ during a birthday party.

Lara Yukas has gathered all her nearest and dearest at home in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, an assembly believed to be in aid of her forthcoming 30th birthday.


But during her welcoming speech, all is not what it first appeared to be, as if from nowhere Lara and her boyfriend Alex casually announce that they’re going to get married right away.

Initial cheers turn to complete shock, with many shouting out ‘what’ in excitement when they realise the coy couple are kipping he fiancé phase, before erupting into spontaneous applause.

Before the gobsmacked guests have time to close their mouths, the couple are exchanging vows before embracing in their first kiss as a married couple.

Lara said: “The day was absolutely incredible and the rest of the night was just perfect.

“With my 30th birthday coming up and with my best friend of 20 years, Katie, in town for it, we wanted to do something really special that we’d never forget.


“I thought a surprise wedding would be perfect, as I’ve always wanted Katie to be involved with it and to be our witness, but she lives out of state now.

“We also took the idea from our favourite show Parks and Recreation, where Andy and Amber surprise everyone by getting married at their house warming party.

“I thought we could do something similar, so we did exactly that.

“There wasn’t a dry eye watching on, everyone was so fully of love and happy tears.

“It’s sure to be a day that we’ll never forget.”