Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the dramatic moment a hyena lost a leg in a vicious fight with a lioness before limping straight into the path of a second predator.

The unfortunate hyena was left maimed following a brutal battle with a lioness who was defending her cubs.

But as this incredible footage shows, its fight for survival wasn’t over, because moments later the hyena unwittingly limped straight into the path of a second lioness hiding in the grass.

Following a gut-wrenching fight the hyena was eventually killed and the bloodthirsty sequence of events was caught on camera by Nelson Cruz during a visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Pic by Latest Sightings/Caters News

He said: “We noticed this hyena in the vicinity of a lioness and her cubs.

“He was particularly nosy and was desperate to get in and attack one of the cubs.

“The mother of the cubs was not having any of it and charged the hyena. She managed to actually bite his entire foot off.

“The hyena was also desperately aggravated and managed to give the lioness a few bites, hence you can see she also sustained some injuries.

“The hyena then fled off back towards the dam. When the hyena was done drinking water, it headed back up towards the road.

“Little did the hyena know that a young lioness was hiding behind the bushes and suddenly jumped out to attack her again.

Pic by Latest Sightings/Caters New

“The hyena turned and ran back down to the dam once more but was unfortunately killed by the lioness at the bottom river.

Nelson added: “Later on, we watched how the whole lion pride crossed the road to get to the river, where the hyena was killed, so they could finish off the feast.

“It was just an amazing and spectacular sighting because of the natural turn of events.

“One could never have anticipated how things would have played out.

“That’s why I love nature so much, it always has the ability to stop you in your tracks.”