Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This is the moment a couple came face to face with not one but TWO deadly snakes fighting on their porch.

Brigitha Lacey and her husband were enjoying the sunshine at their home in North Carolina when they noticed their pet cat transfixed by something on the ground.

Pic by Brigitha Lacey / Caters News

The pair were stunned when they spotted two huge black and white Kingsnakes wrestling just a few steps away from their house.

The snakes, which use constriction to kill their prey, are known for their opportunistic diet and are even immune to venom – meaning they will often eat other snakes.

The reptiles, which also eat lizards, rodents and birds, spent almost an hour fighting before Brigitha decided to move their bemused pet cat out of harm’s way.

She said: “My husband was busy in the yard when he spotted them on the steps which lead down towards the park.

Pic by Brigitha Lacey / Caters News 

“We watched them for a good while and then had to take the cat inside because he was getting just a little too curious.

“We went to check on them every now and then and about an hour later they had gone, back down the hill, I would think.

“It was a really neat experience, we are lovers of wildlife and are privileged to have deer, raccoons, possums and squirrels visit.”