Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the moment a chubby moggy realises just how much weight he has put on after getting wedged in a cat flap.

Desperate to come inside in San Francisco, California, USA, Dutch pokes his head through the door and surveys his path.

Deciding he can make it through, the porky pussycat leaps through only to get his back legs and bum stuck in the gap.

Unable to move forward, Dutch, eight, coyly shimmies back outside and begins meowing loudly to try and get owner Jaime Heilpern’s attention.

Jaime said: “As you can see, the pet door has become too small for Dutch.

“He has apparently been eating out of the bowls of the other cats for the past few years.

“We kept hearing “cat ramming through door” noises as of late.

“I finally got video proof of what was happening.

“We got a larger pet door and a system to electronically feed the cats based on pet chip.

“At 22 pounds, he is way too fat but is as friendly as any pet of any type which makes up for his lack of cat-ness.”