Video Viral

By Katy Gill 

This cute dog loves eyeing up food – but is not so keen to catch a glance from her owner.

Little Roxy McFloor, two, is caught on video by her owner hungrily staring at every Dorito she eats.

But the second Staceylea Horn, 27, glances over her should to see what her dog is doing, Roxy quickly stares downwards again.

 Pic by Staceylea Horn/Caters News 

After several attempts not to get caught begging, Roxy is eventually rewarded with a Dorito of her very own, which she gratefully wolfs down.

Staceylea, a hairdresser from Erdington in Birmingham, said: “She always does this when we eat. She’s hilarious! My friends love it.

“I never taught her to do it. It just came naturally to her. She’s a dog with a lot of character.

“I’ve had her since she was an eight-week-old puppy.

“My boyfriend is allergic to most dogs so I found a breed that was small and suitable for his allergies. That’s how I came across chorkies.

Pic by Staceylea Horn/Caters News

“She’s also very popular amongst my friends. If I go away I have to let people down gently if I have already promised someone else they can look after her.

“Roxy is full of energy and loves long hikes. She can run incredibly quickly.

“She comes everywhere with me as well. Sometimes she comes to the salon, she comes to the pub.

“I like to think she’s the happies dog every.”