Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

A dairy calf is being treated like a god after it was born with fifth leg.

The animal born at the farm of Hasan Ali in South Salmara region of Assam in northeast India, caused a stir in the village.

Considering it to be God’s gift who’ll bring good luck, people from far and wide thronged to Ali’s house to catch a glimpse of the calf.


Ali said: “We were shocked to see a deformed leg hanging from its behind. I have domesticated cows and buffaloes since childhood but never before had I seen such a rare animal.”

The herder first feared that the calf would die quickly but born on August 10th, the animal that seems to be carrying its unborn twin’s limb, is not only alive but is eating well and is full of life.

He added: “We do not know how it is still alive.

“We had no hopes of it to live even for few hours but it has surpassed our expectations. It is eating properly and urinates but sadly it has no rectum to relieve itself.

“We cannot say how long it will survive but we are taking good care of it so it lives happily as long as possible.”