By Jamie Smith

This freediver is really coming into his element – resembling a sea creature from the deep.

During a training session, world record holder Arthur Guerin was photographed emerging from a depth of 20 metres.


As he breathes out near the surface, the bubbles surrounding his chest and face give him a mystical appearance.

Light reflecting off the eyes of his mask, his rigid body position and large single flipper all add to the other-worldly appearance.

The pictures were taken by photographer and freediver Alex Voyer in Nice, France.


Alex said: “I was shooting a training session of the freediving world record holder Arthur Guerin for his next season in competitive dives.

“Most people imagine that training for depth is very tough using a very deep rope, but in these photos I wanted to show that just having a good time in the water and pleasure is also a big part of those freediving athletes.

“Just practicing on depths of 20 metres, spending a lot of time in the water and with time for the body to adapt to high pressure, all of these are aspects of the training I wanted to show.”