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By Este Langeveldt

A 10-foot fence does nothing to stop a fight when two giraffes are involved.

Despite the large black wire fence reaching up to their shoulders, these two powerful bulls were able to swing their necks over it to try and do some damage.

The two giraffes, trying to show their dominance, repeatedly slam their heads into each other’s backs in movements that strangely mirror each other.

Neither wants to back down and use the fence as cover to make an escape.

Pic from Este Langeveldt / Caters News 

The fight was captured on video by South African photographer and skincare professional Lisl Moolman.

The 43-year-old was driving through the Silonque Bush Estate in Phalaborwa to visit friends when she came across the battling bulls.

Lisl said: “I was in my car and shortly after entering the estate I saw a giraffe blocking the road ahead.

“I only had my digital camera in my handbag and this was the first time I had witnessed giraffe fighting over a fence, so I quickly grabbed it.

Pic from Este Langeveldt / Caters News

“I was quite wary of proceeding because one bull was stood right in my way and they were being very aggressive. I filmed them for a good half an hour before slowly driving past them. Fortunately the giraffe moved out of my way.

“It was amusing to watch. The giraffe on my side of the fence was more aggressive than the other and up to the point I drove away he kept initiating the fight.

“I don’t know if I’ll be lucky enough to see something like this again.”