Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This bendy baby proved acrobatic yoga is nothing but child’s play with a seamless routine performed alongside his mum.

Enjoying the music at Wanderlust Festival in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Zeke Greenwood and mum Millissa show off their athletic moves.

Sitting upright on the grass, Millissa rolls backwards holding her 18-month-old’s feet before pressing him above her chest.

Perfectly rolling off his mother’s shins, a giggling Zeke stands bolt upright before shouting ‘yay’ and smoothly rolling back down to the ground.

Millissa said: “I am amazed at how good Zeke is at acro yoga.

“I can feel him move his body and I just go with him.

“Zeke started joining in with routines when he was three-months-old but lost interest about six months after that.

“In the last month or so he has returned to it in a big way and now will pester me by grabbing my feet whenever he wants to do some.

“I’ve been practicing for six years and teaching for just under five so its great to share this with him.

“Depending on his mood we will play for a while or it can be finished quickly, but we do practice at least once a day.”