Offbeat Video


By Ben Walley

A three-year-old boy is matching his hero Bob the Builder – by becoming a DIY expert himself.

Tiling the walls, hooking up photographs and using electronic drills, this three-year-old is handier than some men who are ten times his age!


Little Liam Mates has been helping his tiler dad, Liam, 39, around the house since he was two-years-old.

Helping his dad at work and in renovating their house, little Liam has ditched the toys for his own set of tools – and absolutely loves it.

And his dad can’t get enough of it.


Liam from Warwick said: “He started coming to work with me and just picked up the skills.

“He comes in with me, picks up a tile and started working next to me.

“I remember when he was two-years-old I was at work tiling someone’s wall, and Liam decided to grab one of them and started joining in.

“And he did a really good job too!”

Despite using big electric tools, Liam isn’t scared of his son getting in any danger.


He added: “He’s been walking around with a hammer in his hand since he was 18-months-old.

“I don’t get scared about him with the tools because he knows how to use them properly.

“He knows the purpose of them – he thinks he’s a builder, and he’s really good at it too.

“He loves watching Bob the Builder and when he grows up he’s definitely going to be a builder, he enjoys doing it so much.

“Even when he’s not ‘working’ and is about to go to bed, when I tell him to pick out a book for me to read him before bed he picks up the Screwfix catalogue.

“We’ve bought him so many toys over the years, but we’ve either given them to charity because he’s not interested or he’s broken them trying to build them into something else with his tools.”