By Becca Husselbee

There’s only one way to photograph tigers this high up in the trees – and that’s from the back of an elephant!

Pic by Shivang Mehta/Caters News

Shivang Mehta, from Faridabad, India, captured the tigers climbing skills whilst on safari in Bandhavgarh National Park, having previously seen the cubs when they were born in 2016.

Shivang said: “Tigers are not efficient tree climbers, so seeing them climb trees to such heights is something which is unusual.

Pic by Shivang Mehta/Caters News

“In my 14 years of tiger photography, I have never documented a tiger climbing 14 foot up a tree and I was astonished to see this act.

“Every day these tigers were surprising me by breaking his own record.”

Pic by Shivang Mehta/Caters News

Shivang describes how using elephants can help you to get to areas in the jungle that can’t be accessed by a vehicle.

He said:”It took me a week to create these images, I spent three hours every day on the back of an elephant.”

“Indian jungles are dense and elephants help to follow tigers effectively.

Pic by Shivang Mehta/Caters News

“It is quite a challenge to shoot from the back of an elephant because of the lack of stability but there are ways to counter these challenges and get your shots.

“We maintain a safe distance and do not intrude into the tiger’s circle of fear.”