Animals Video

By Ben Walley

Here comes superpug!

The hilarious pooch can be seen dressed as Bark Kent, before descending into a ‘telephone box’ and revealing his true identity as Super Pug!

Seen happily obliging, Bandito the seven-year-old pug can’t get enough of his by-night roll.

And owner, Sebastian Smetham, hasn’t stopped at just Superman.

Pic by Sebastian Smetham/Caters News

Sebastian said: “We make these videos all the time.

“They don’t take long to make and Bandito loves getting involved.

“He sees we are doing something and always comes to check it out.

Pic by Sebastian Smetham/Caters News 

“He’s well behaved but I think we have created a little monster, but that’s his personality!

“He is very free to do what he wants so we just have to laugh at his choices sometimes.”