Video Viral
fish eggs

By Kate Gill

A close up of fish eggs just before they hatch looks like a dance party.

Diver Atsushi Sadaki, 59, who is a full-time business design consultant stumbled upon Anemonefish eggs just before they hatched.

Anemone fish may have a reputation for aggression before they hatch from eggs but this lot look to be having a whale of a time

Atsushi from Japan who has diver across Southeast Asia over the last 20 years, took the video in Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Atsushi said: “Anemone fish bites and pierces when there are creatures coming up. The size of the opponent does not matter.

“I observed eggs that seem to hatch.  When I look closely, I see the eyes and internal organs.

“For eggs to grow, fresh seawater is needed and parents help the flow of the fresh sea and the eggs are swaying by the flow of seawater.

“After a while, a lot of babies will be born and I want to see them hatch because nature is wonderful and it is rare to see them so close to hatching.

“They do not have poison however, parents will attack so I was afraid that they would pierce me.”