Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall 

This cheeky toddler is certainly starting young as she stops dead in her tracks to ogle a shirtless hunk passing by.

While walking along Manhattan Beach, California, USA, with her parents, little Elsa gets distracted by a man strolling past in just a pair of black trunks.

Completely ignoring the toy she’s pushing, the 15-month-old turns her head a full 180 degrees and has a good look at the man as mum Kate jokes she ‘likes him’.

Continuing her gaze for almost a full 10 seconds, Elsa’s attention is only brought back to her parents when dad Rudy shouts her name.

Rudy said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Elsa’s head just kept twisting and her stare was like she was mesmerized.

“My wife was in a little shock at first, and then she laughed.

“That is the first time Elsa undressed a shirtless man with her eyes and stared one down like that.

“She has checked out people since, but nothing like that.

“She stared for at least ten solid seconds.

“I had to snap her out of it and when she knew she was caught staring, she just laughed.”