Life Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the heart-wrenching moment a mother and her daughter drowned after a bridge collapsed due to an overflowing river in India.

The tragic incident happened when the family of three were just a step away from crossing the precarious bridge for their safety as floodwater inundated their village in Araria in Bihar in eastern India.

In the chilling video recorded by onlookers, people in groups can be seen racing across the bridge fearing it may collapse anytime due to the strong current that had already washed away its edges.

But just when a man, his wife and daughter were inches away from crossing it, the bridge crumbled and the mother and her daughter swept away in the strong flow of the water.

The recent drowning has taken the death toll to 98 in the worst case of flood in the eastern state where two million people have been affected after relentless downpours led to flood in at least 16 districts.

A fresh bout of heavy rains in South Asia have trigerred flash floods in several parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

In Bihar, at least 65.37 lakh people have been affected after heavy rains led to flash floods in the last three days.

The state government has set up 504 relief camps in which over one lakh flood victims have taken shelter.

Pratyaya Amrit, Principal Secretary at Bihar Disaster Management Department said: “We have already speeded up relief and will be providing polythene sheets to flood victims. We are providing dry ration including rice, potato, pulse, black gram and match boxes.”

In the neighbouring state of Assam in northeast India, at least 32,00,000 people have been affected due to the frequent flooding that has also affected wildlife.

In Nepal and Bangladesh, heavy downpours sparked flash floods and landslides killing at least 72 and 22 people in respectively.