By Mikey Jones

A perfectly timed photo looks like a turtle is happily blowing bubblegum underwater.

Diving instructor and underwater photographer Cinzia, 40, based in Egypt snapped a turtle swimming up to a beautiful purple jellyfish resembling bubblegum.

Cinzia was quick to react to the photo opportunity at Thomas reef in the Strait of Tiran off Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm El Sheikh area as a male hawksbill turtle started eating a moon jellyfish.

Cinzia said: “I did my Open Water course in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and in 2011 I moved there, where I became a divemaster and I started working as a snorkel and dive guide.

“I began taking pictures underwater in 2013, having never previously been into photography above water.

“I’m working as a professional underwater photographer for a famous dive club in Sharm El Sheikh.

“When I took the selfie with the jellyfish, I jumped into the water and it was full of moon jellyfish so I decided to take another selfie with these beauties as I did last year in 2016.

“These moon jellyfishes are not dangerous and you can touch them! When I took the Bubblegum shot I was diving in Thomas reef at the Strait of Tiran and I met this male hawksbill turtle that was eating a moon jellyfish!

“It was very funny because it seems that the turtle was eating a bubble gum,I love this shot! I had to be very fast to shot, because in few second, the turtle run away.

“I love the nature especially the marine life! I never think in my life to do this as a job! Is amazing how the life can surprise you!”