Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave and James Speakman

A daredevil who got caught by cops climbing the high-rise residential building next door to Jose Mourinho’s apartment claims the ‘soundest policeman ever’ sent him a pic of them up there later that evening.

Bjorn Anderson climbed the unusually-shaped roof of The Edge in Salford, Greater Manchester, and filmed himself precariously wander the perimeter without a safety harness despite the 60-metre drop below.

The terrifying footage also shows his pals scurry up the slanting roof and slide back down, seemingly unfazed by how high up they are as the Manchester skyline stretches out around them.

But the 23-year-old and his two pals were soon collared by a policeman who Bjorn filmed taking their details and warning them not to do it again.

However later that evening Bjorn claims the same officer sent a photo he had taken of the trio on the roof and then admitted that he too enjoying ‘urban exploration’ – even making recommendations.


Bjorn said: “We were on the roof of the building, I think a few pedestrians walking past thought we were going to do something stupid so phoned the police.

“I then saw the police approaching the car park, so we decided to get off the roof and waited for the elevator.

“As soon as the doors opened, just the one policeman was stood there and asked us if we had been on the roof.

“I didn’t want to lie to him so I told him that we had been up there, I wasn’t worried as trespassing is a civil offence and not criminal.

“The officer took our details and let us go, but later that night he sent me a photo taken by him of the three of us on the roof.

“He also admitted that he often partakes in [urban exploration] himself and gave me a few suggestions of sites in and around Salford.”

The terrifying footage shows Bjorn wander the edge of the building without a safety harness as the drop yawns below him, while his pals scurry up the slanting roof and slide back down, unfazed by how high up they are.

Freelance photographer Bjorn says he often explores abandoned sites and buildings around the country.

Bjorn said: “The first place I explored was an old mine shaft in Durham.


“I’ve also explored the old site of Camelot Theme Park with a group of friends, security stopped us at the main gate and then we just walked around the corner and sneaked in through a hole.

“I managed to get on-top of the rollercoaster ‘Knightmare’, it was pretty sketchy, being rusty and holes in the flooring all the way up but the views were amazing.  All worth it.

“Another place I visited was Horncliffe Mansion, there was a jaguar graveyard out back and a function room. I’ve visited the mansion loads of times.

“When we went in the second time we noticed the main staircase bannister was gone and a lot of the features had been ruined and we managed to get on the roof of the mansion and also realised that the cellar used to be a morgue.

“I know that I won’t stop exploring, there is too much of the world to see.”

Greater Manchester Police declined to comment.