Video Viral


By Jack Williams

In this hilarious video a man complains to his mechanic about hearing a loud whine coming from his passenger side door – not realizing that it might have something to do with his wife in the front passenger seat.

Every time Tristan Wright opened the passenger side door, the noise from his wife, Emily, well, whining, rang from the car.

To prove his point about the whine, Tristan, 37, shut the door to find silence, only to open it again to hear the same whining noise.

The off-the-cuff stunt, Tristan said, was completely a spare-of-the-moment joke between he and Emily, 33, who live in Canberra, Australia.

Tristan said: “The video was, of course, encouraged – but only to the tune of me hinting to Em to help make a quick vid to send to my cousin.

“I wanted to be all, like, ‘What the heck is this when I open the front door?’

“It was literally one take and 20 seconds’ worth of fun.

“Life is too short and too serious not to have a laugh at yourself.”