Video Viral

By Katy Gill

This determined cyclist performed his own Pour de France by defying flood waters three feet deep.

As heavy rain battered Russellville, Arkansas, USA, on Tuesday August 15, one brave biker continued to pedal down the road despite his tyres almost being completely submerged.

With water rushing past him the unknown man powered through the rising floods in nothing but a T-shirt and pair of shorts.

Filmed by Austin Brown, 31, in the safety of his, the bonkers BMXer finally passes by the vehicle and out of shot while torrents of flooding flow through the main road.

Austin said: “Arkansas has bene the victim to several catastrophic floods in the past several years.

“The drainage system through Russellville has flooded a few times but never to this level.

“The water fell in just 12 hours and caused significant flooding for the city and surrounding area.

“Fortunately, it has stopped for now and the levels are down enough so the drainage system can deal with it.”