Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

Hilarious footage from Trincomaduwa, Sri Lanka, has captured the moment an adorable baby elephant puts up a well spirited fight with those trying to rescue it.

Locals raised the alarm when they spotted the isolated baby elephant roaming around their village.

A rescue team from the Forest and Wildlife Department eventually arrived at the scene to rescue the animal.

The grumpy baby elephant, however, was not quite ready to be rescued and decided to put up a fight.

Footage of the baby elephant chasing after rescuers captures the exact moment the tables were turned on its well-wishers.

After hours of chasing back and forth the baby elephant was finally subdued and transported to the Girithale Forest Department shelter.

At the shelter the exhausted baby elephant instantly befriended another baby elephant.

Officials claim the baby elephant became separated from its heard while searching for food and water.

First aid was administered to the baby and a plan was drafted with regards to the baby’s release back into the forest.