Offbeat Video

By Alex Matthews

This strongman smoothly landed his world record – as he lifted an entire helicopter on its pad.

‘Austrian Superman’ Franz Muellner incredibly lifted a 1457lbs (661kg) chopper that landed just a metre above his head.

With the successful 30-second feat he smashed the record for Heaviest Weight Lifted on Shoulders by a huge 222lbs.

Pic by Caters News 

The record was measured with highly accurate digital scales that were hooked up to the helipad and captured on film in the Katschberg Mountains, Austria.

In the video Franz can be seen taking up his position before the helicopter slowly lowers its entire weight into his shoulders.

He then struggles to keep the helicopter pad lifted in the air, before succeeding and collapsing to the ground.

Franz, who is a multiple world record holder, said: “I am like Superman. In the words of our other famous Austrian strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll always be back – for bigger and even more extreme stunts.

“I’ve taken things to the limit ever since I was a young kid. I always went that one step too far when younger, and I still do the same now. My whole family are just like that, and I will carry on pushing the limits as long as I can.”

With the lift Muellner beat his own record of 1235lbs (560kg) which he achieved back in 2008.

Pic by Caters News 

He completed his latest attempt despite breaking his toe by dropping a 220lbs (100kg) tree on his foot in a training session.

But after enduring a punishing training regime to prepare for the task, he did not want to give up the challenge.

He said: “Lifting a helicopter on your shoulders is probably not the best thing to do after breaking your toe, but I never let anything stop me from achieving my goals.

“I eat everything in big portions. Eggs, meat, pasta, rice, chips – it all has to be big.

“I also train with very heavy weights and do the usual bench presses, deadlifts and squats. I prefer to train in the outdoors with nature all around me.

“The mountain air of Austria helps me while I lift big trees, heavy stones, large wheels, carts and also cars.”