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This is the heart-warming moment that Mikey’s mum discovered just how much he likes bubble wrap.

An adorable video has captured the first time 15-month-old Mikey experienced bubble wrap.

Mikey’s mother Emma Albert, 32, a trainer and a business owner, has had to find innovative ways to play with baby Mikey as he suffers from cerebral palsy and other conditions.

After he suddenly burst into laughter, she decided to record a video of her experience. Emma and her husband Andrew, 32, a commercial driver, feel blessed to have a child with an infectious giggle.

“I started popping the bubble wrap and he suddenly erupted into laughter so I thought I better record it,” said Emma, who lives in Perth, Australia.

“As Mikey can’t use toys like other kids, I am often improvising and using chocolate wrappers, cardboard, cellophane etc to make him fun toys so that he can enjoy.”

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Michael ‘Mikey’ Paul Albert had a tough start to life. After tests showed that his heart rate was slow, Emma gave birth to Mikey, prematurely, at 35 weeks old.

Mikey was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, global developmental delay and hearing loss. But none of this stops him from being happy and always smiling.

Now over a year old, Mikey has therapy multiple times a week and the cute kid is seen giggling uncontrollable at the end of it.

Emma said: “He thinks everything is pretty funny and reminds everyone he meets to laugh often and laugh loud.”

Described by loved ones as the happiest baby ever, little Mikey’s experience with bubble wrap is guaranteed to melt your heart and put a smile on your face!