Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This thirsty golden retriever simply can’t get enough to drink, as she was willing to chase a hose stream to all corners of the garden in order to catch a sip.

Bounding around, joyous Ali wouldn’t stop moving to wherever the water went, opening her mouth with perfect accuracy in order to catch the end of the water flow.

Filmed in first-person by Michael Langer, 29, the footage shows just how far the four-year-old, hyperactive pooch was willing to bound in order to quench her thirst.

Michael, who lives in Dublin, Ireland, captured the footage while helping out at a dog hotel that his mother, Malgorzata, runs in the city.

Ali, one of the dogs staying at the hotel, loved to have fun, Michael said, so he decided to film the footage of her playing on August 3, 2017.

Michael said: “Everyone has thought he video was funny, and it’s enjoyable to see a dog having fun.

“But, though is a lot of fun to play with a dog, it’s less fun when you have to dry a Golden Retriever to get it back inside.

“The sofas are not waterproof!”