By Laura Dale

A pair of cheeky squirrels decided to work the camera as one poses for the other to snap away.

Photographer Stefano Ronchi from Italy took the photo at Parco di Legnano near Milan caught the playful rodents climbing over his camera over a period of eight hours.

Pic by Stefano Ronchi / Caters News

Stefano said: “I used food to attract animals in the right position. I had hidden the peanuts in the right places to get to and stop the animals.

“I wanted to recreate a set where squirrels could relate to each other and I wanted them to pretend to take photos of each other.

Pic by Stefano Ronchi / Caters News

“I’m a naturalist photographer so I only photograph animals. One day a bird leaned against my camera near the viewfinder and from here I had the idea of ‘getting’ the animals to take pictures.

Pic by Stefano Ronchi / Caters News

“I stayed with these two for around eight hours.”