By Luke Johnston

These acrobats are dancing in the moonlight as they can be seen showing off their moves under the stars.

The array of dancers can be seen performing different flexible moves in this picturesque setting.

Having the Milky Way as their backdrop, these elegant photos become even more beautiful.

Pic by Casey Grimley / Caters News

These photos were shot in Utah, by Casey Grimley.

Casey said: “One night while I was out photographing the Milky Way by myself I took a couple of selfies with me and my car and I thought ‘it sure would be cool to do portraits of people under the Milky Way.’

Pic by Casey Grimley / Caters News

“A few weeks later I did a photoshoot with a group of ballet dancers and realised how much I enjoyed photographing dance.

“While editing the photos I had the thought of shooting dancers with the stars, so I pitched my idea to a handful of the dancers I had shot with and to my surprise it worked out pretty well.

Pic by Casey Grimley / Caters News

“There is a lot of preparation, mostly in setting up the rig or pole, finding a good flat spot in a location with dark skies, and hoping and praying for clear skies.”