Offbeat Video

By Becca Husselbee

A rambler with a passion for mountaineering and a head for heights captured this amazing videos of his solo trips.

Scott MacLucas-Paton, 47, from the Isle of Skye, likes to film and take pictures of the unique places he has visited in the hope he can inspire others to get outdoors.

Scott said: “I rarely sit at home doing nothing and would much prefer to be outside doing things.

“I’m very confident in the mountains and have a good head for heights as well as being sure footed, however, I’m always mindful of potential consequences and keep this at the forefront of what I do.

“It may seem reckless to some but they are calculated risks and within my comfort zone.”

Scott worked in outdoor pursuits with vulnerable young people for around 20 years before moving to the Isle of Skye six years ago but now owns a glamping site as well as being a Crew Manager for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Scott said: “Whilst I don’t use a rope on these climbs it is very much within my range of capabilities and my safety gear is my judgement, knowing the terrain and the weather and being adequately kitted out.

“I don’t rely on others I plan to sort myself out unless the worst case scenario arises.”

Scott has other hobbies, including mountain biking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, and loves pushing himself to the limit.

He said: “The risks in the outdoors are real, but with training, judgement, and experience these risks can be minimised and there is nothing better than having an adventure that pushes you physically and mentally.

“You have great memories of those days often with accompanying photos and video.”